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New for 2023

Hosted by the Poetry Cove

With lots of soft furnishings, the Poetry Cove provides a ‘chill-out area’ at the festival – a place for calmness, self-reflection and creativity. It is a good opportunity to connect with others from the WOW Community, to enjoy and share creative writing with others.

The Poetry Cove will be holding hourly activities such as poetry readings and creative challenges that festival-goers can take part in at no extra cost.

Confirmed for 2023

Schedules & further announcements coming soon.

Adam Gary

The Poetry Cove

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Home to the world's most extensive poetry community, The Poetry Cove strives to be a home for poets across the globe. Its mission is to provide the most extensive, supportive, and safest place for anyone looking to dive into the world of poetry. We aim to do this by bringing together poets of varying knowledge and ability to share their work, promote themselves, gain constructive feedback, meet and discuss with like-minded people, make friends, to learn, and escape the realities of the world for a little while.

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