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Join us on our WOW Talks stage, where renowned keynote industry speakers take the spotlight in our dynamic agenda. 

Wellbeing is something that everyone can connect with in some way, and our line-up includes speakers from all walks of life. WOW Talks promises to bring insightful, motivational and compelling content to the WOW Community, all delivered by real people based on their personal wellbeing journeys.

As seen in 2023

Sarah Lamptey

WOW Talks Host

Saturday & Sunday

sarah Lamptey.jpeg

We are delighted to have Sarah hosting our WOW Talks stage. Whether introducing our speakers, facilitating a discussion, or leading an audience Q&A, Sarah is sure to bring her unique blend of expertise, energy, and enthusiasm to create a truly memorable home for WOW Talks. Sarah is a successful and established entertainment host with over a decade of experience in the industry. She has hosted stages at large festivals including Glastonbury and Shambala. Alongside presenting, Sarah is a successful model, DJ and social activist. In 2018, she began her campaign for free showers to enhance the lives of London’s homeless. This resulted in her winning Change Maker of the Year Award from JustGiving in October 2019, for her homeless project, ShowerBox, and she continues to dedicate her life to helping others.

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Saturday 8th July

Naomi Gale

In Your Vagina Lies the Key to Your Happiness

Naomi_Gale_WOW-Fest 23.jpg

Time: 10:40 - 11:10

In Your Vagina lies the key to your happiness is a refreshingly entertaining, profound, inclusive how-to talk on coming back into a relationship with your pelvis. Once you’ve heard this talk, you’ll be ready to place a flag on your mons pubis* mound claiming back your vulva as yours. Flags at the ready… *And if you don’t know where your mons pubis is, this talk is definitely for you.

Sarah Williamson Alcohol Reduction.png

Sarah Williamson

Time: 11:20 - 11:50

Drink Less; Live Better

Sarah has spent the last 12 years coaching and mentoring people who've struggled with their addictions and mental health, she feels that choosing to change your relationship with alcohol before you hit rock bottom is a powerful and positive choice to make. She is passionate about spreading the message that our lives can be joyful and fun on the other side of our drinking careers and there's no need to feel lonely, stressed or bored on this journey. Sarah is a trainer, public speaker, writer, podcaster and coach.

Chris Lovett

Simplify Your Life - The Power of Decluttering

Time: 12:00 - 12:30


We just love stuff, we can't get enough of it. Currently the UK is holding on to more clutter than the rest of Europe. It's estimated that the average home has around £1500 worth of unused and unloved gear in the dark corners of our homes. Our work lives have gone from busy to super busy and our relationship with tech keeps us available 24/7. We've become a generation of consumers and it's negatively impacting our physical and mental health. A wellbeing app won't save us, it's time to start letting go. It's time to go from consumer to curator. This fun interactive session will help with learning the impacts of stuff, how to start simplifying and achieve all your aspirations with less, whilst having a positive impact on businesses, people and planet.

Raphael Rowe .jpeg

Raphael Rowe

Positive Mindset, Overcoming

Obstacles and Resilience

Time: 13:30 - 14:15

Raphael was wrongly convicted of murder and robbery and jailed for life. After 12 years in prison he was freed and now is the presenter of Netflix’s hit show ‘Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons’. Positive mindset, overcoming obstacles and resilience.

Shane Cooke

From Depressed Chef to Conscious Coach | Sauce to Source

Time: 14:30 - 15:15

Simon Cooke .jpg

Shane is an ex-award winning chef who spent half of his 22 year career silently living with depression, thinking he had tried everything to get well and failed. Shane took a last ditch attempt and invested in a mindset & meditation teacher training course with the last of his money on a whim with no prior experience… a sign, you could say. The power of “visualisation” transformed his life from depressed, unhealthy, destructive chef to happy, healthy, conscious coach. He went from sauce to source... Shane is the founder of Jasper Wellbeing and is a Spiritual Wellness & Life Coach. He serves individuals, groups, and organisations with an array of powerful tools and modalities which all have the same focus: Simple, sustainable, and accessible to all with an inside out approach. He helps those who are feeling stressed, anxious, lost & stuck to reclaim their health & happiness, reignite their purpose & passion, then step into the next chapter of life feeling fresh, focused, motivated and abundant. The main journey he coaches works on a 5-piece focus which goes beliefs-thoughts-feelings-actions-results and it’s this format that gives people what they need to get the results they desire and much more. Shane teaches breathwork for nervous system modulation along with mindset training and visualisation meditation for subconscious reprogramming and future imprinting. Those modalities along with mindful living are his go to for serving others from root upwards helping people transform their lives in a hugely impactful and sustainable way. “My intention is to help people stand strong in the foundations of love, gratitude, and freedom”. Shane also creates spiritual wellness events, retreats and cacao ceremonies across the UK.

Rob Hosking

Time: 15:30 - 16:30

Rob Hosking.png

Happy Your Way to Better Health

Rob Hosking, a former front-line Police Officer, shares how a traumatic last shift changed his perspective on life and how he used this to transform his life. Rob is an advocate for mental health and shares his powerful story and practical tips to help people on their journey towards happiness.

Paul Jukes Outta Puff Daddys.jpeg

Paul Jukes

Encouraging Change in Society's Approach to Mental Health & Supporting Improved Positive Mindset.

Time: 16:30 - 17:15

Paul is the Leader / Artistic Director of a male only, over 40's dance crew, called the Outta Puff Daddys, a dad dancing social media sensation! Inspired by his own life experiences, Paul is passionate about encouraging change in society's approach to mental health - inspiring others to focus on self-care and how to create an improved positive outlook in order to support personal goals and objectives. Paul’s uplifting, emotional and motivational talk includes: • An introduction to the Outta Puff Daddys and how a bunch of dad-dancers became social media influencers helping to change many lives for the better. • Paul’s personal experiences of depression and his understanding about what ‘mental health’ is. • How we can all help break the stigma surrounding men (& women) talking or showing emotion. • Suggested strategies that we can all embrace to develop a more positive mind-set, and the importance of nurturing self-care to support improved mental well-being.

Sunday 9th July

ArchanaPatel_WOW Fest.jpg

Archana Patel

Finding Your Natural High - Why Drinking Less is the Perfect Way to Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

Time: 110:50 - 11:15

Archana is an Alcohol-reduction Coach, as well as a triple-accredited Health, Nutrition and Positive Psychology Life Coach. She started to change her relationship with alcohol six years ago, initially (and with some reluctance) for minor health reasons but, as the benefits just kept on coming, she has never looked back. Archana now helps other ‘middle-lane drinkers’ transform their relationship with alcohol, whether that means drinking less or not at all, and passionately believes that alcohol-reduction is key to better all-round mental and physical health. Through her community and 1:1 coaching, she shares practical tips for reducing alcohol, shows the never-ending possibilities of a life after booze and offers support to help clients stick to their decision in a society that can often make it so difficult.

alex anderson_pride of britain.jpeg

Alex Anderson

Mentoring, Giving Back & Helping Others

Time: 11:30 - 11:50

One of first people with Asperger’s Syndrome to join the Royal Air Force, Alex now volunteers to help others fulfil their untapped potential. Labelled a naughty child and moved between schools Alex Anderson’s early years were a struggle. But an Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis at nine was the beginning of a positive change in his life – one which would eventually see him become one of the first people with the condition to join the Royal Air Force. During his early years – and before his diagnosis – Alex struggled to settle at school. He moved schools four times and even ran away from school at times – causing real distress for him and his family. He found it hard to plan for the future until he started at a new school. He finally got a diagnosis which led to specialist support from an Autism Unit and he began to finally see a way forward – working towards GCSEs and a career. He dreamed of joining the RAF but wasn’t sure if it was even possible. His first application was rejected. But when the entry rules changed, he tried again, this time, with the help of The Prince’s Trust. He was able to work with their employability team – building new skills and just as importantly, his confidence. He applied again to the RAF and this time, was successful. “Asperger’s impacted my school life, it was challenging and really affected my health and wellbeing,” he explains. “I struggled with everyday situations both at home and at school. Before my diagnosis, I moved around four different schools due to my behaviour. I ran away from school too, just to remove myself from situations I couldn’t deal with. It was really unsettling for me and my family. “I’ve had so many knock backs, but The Prince’s Trust got me through a difficult time and ultimately helped me to achieve my dream,” says Alex. Now the 22-year-old from Newport, Wales works as a Logistic Supplier for the RAF. He wants other people to benefit from the help and mentoring he received so has made it a priority to give back and help others. Alex has gone on to complete thousands of hours of volunteering with young people, veterans and the elderly, and has even been awarded a British Empire Medal for this work. Thanks to him and the team, more young people can find a way to fulfil their untapped potential too.

David Maddock.jpeg

David Maddock

Psychic to the Stars

Time: 12:00 - 12:30

Psychic Medium David Maddock is quickly becoming recognised for his very passionate, down-to-earth approach to his work, which he undertakes with sincerity, yet often with a sense of fun and humour. This is a psychic experience like no other; if you know, you know. If you don’t – watch. West Bromwich born David’s endearing personality and loving energy captured the hearts of many on national TV, as well as leading to his feature in ‘Take A Break, Fate and Fortune’ magazine. He is now sought after as a reader to some of the UK’s hottest celebrities, and is becoming a rising star in his own right, for good reason. David conducts each event with the utmost respect for his audience, as he passes on messages by connecting them with loved ones. David wishes to bring comfort, helping them to see that there is something beyond this world, and showing them that their loved ones are still around in spirit. “I want EVERYONE to leave my events with a little something, not just the people for whom I connect” – David Maddock

Andrea McLean headshot.jpeg

Andrea McLean

Time: 13:30 - 14:15

What You Don't Change You Choose

Andrea McLean is a Multiple Sunday Times Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Broadcaster and Brand Communicator. She is the #1 Sunday Times Best-Selling author of: ‘This Girl Is On Fire, ‘Confessions of a Good Girl’, ‘Confessions of a Menopausal Woman’ and ‘You Just Need to Believe It’. In her 24-year career as a national broadcaster Andrea interviewed some of the biggest names in the business, including Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Drew Barrymore and Michael Bublé. In 2020, after serving as the longest reigning host of ITV's daily talk show Loose Women, she decided to pivot career-wise, leaving behind her role as a national television anchor to teach and motivate others who want to raise their game personally and professionally. She educates and leads CEOs and brands in getting their message across clearly and with heart, through 1:1 and Group Coaching and Media Training, Keynote Speaking and Event Hosting. She also provides women in midlife with the support they need to feel great about themselves through her platform This Girl Is On Fire, which offers a private online community, live events, podcast, and personal growth courses.


Vicky Shilling

Turn Your Passion for Wellness into a Career

Time: 14:30 - 15:20

​Vicky Shilling is a Wellness Business Mentor, helping health practitioners turn their expertise into income. She is dedicated to make well-being solopreneurship as simple and supported as possible in a world of advice overwhelm. She shares tips and straight-talking action steps through her Just Start Now book and award-nominated podcast, community and 1:1 mentoring.

Milly Pickles_WOW Fest 23.JPG

Milly Pickles

Sharing Resilience, Wellness & Productivity

Time: 15:30 - 16:30

Milly Pickles fired herself to internet superstardom at the start of the pandemic after posting videos on TikTok documenting life as a disabled athlete and amputee. Over 5 million likes and a brand deal with one of the UK’s biggest sporting firms later, she is now a successful digital creator and has come a long way in the four years since an accident that completely changed her life. Milly lost her leg to an electrocution accident back in September 2017, but never let it get in the way of her love for sport. Milly’s lacrosse teammates from University raised the money needed for her to buy a prosthetic blade, which set her up to start learning to run and from then, she decided to document her recovery online. As well as insightful videos on how she uses her prosthetic leg, Milly also posts regular fitness, food and motivational content, which have seen her grow her following at a rapid pace. Milly has since been spotlighted in the 2021 Cosmopolitan’s Positivity Index and was also a cover star for Women’s Running Magazine, covering her rehabilitation journey and experience being a blade runner. She was further spotlighted by The Telegraph for her role in bringing further attention to women’s sport on social media.

Time: 16:45 - 17:15

Why Managing Anxiety Doesn't Work & What You Should Do Instead

Gemma Perlin

Gemma Perlin.jpg

Gemma Perlin one of London's top coaches and Neurolinguistic practitioners specialising in behavioural change. She is on a mission to share the powerful NLP tools that revolutionised her life with the world. She teaches people how to train their own brains so they can unlock their full potential. As part of this, she works 1:1 with clients goes into organisations for group workshops and training and speaks at events just like this.

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